Tedone Superfoods offers a whole line of artisanal imported dried pasta. 

Le Gemme Del Vesuvio is based in Naples Italy and uses a traditional approach to pasta production. The multi-variety durum wheat is specially selected to obtain semolina with the best quality and characteristics in terms of proteins and gluten. The durum wheat semolina is mixed with pure water in contact with the air for more than 20 minutes and then vacuum-packed for another 10 minutes. In this way, the starch and proteins bind to the water and gluten begins to form, a protein network that binds the hydrated starch granules and gives the pasta excellent consistency and elasticity. The mixture is is extruded through bronze dies and then dried in special static cells. The drying lasts from 20 to 56 hours depending on the product format; takes place in special cells at controlled temperature and humidity.