The classic Bar Espresso by Caffè Kenon from Naples, Italy!  This blend has 70% of the best Arabica and 30% high quality Robusta beans
The Crema Bar is the perfect symbiosis of soft taste, compact crema and medium body.  This espresso is rounded off with bitter notes typical for Southern Italian espresso which do remain pleasantly in the background.  It is ideal for connoisseurs of dark, southern Italian espressos in search of the perfect middle ground between round taste and dense crema and balanced intensity.  In your cappuccino, the Crema Bar unfolds a mild, pleasant taste. 
PREPARATION METHOD:  Coffee for Espresso Machines, Coffee for Automatic Espresso Machines, Coffee for Moka Pots
Kenon is acknowledged as ambassadors of the world famous Neapolitan espresso coffee.  The philosophy of the company has always been the same, that of producing the best quality coffee blends, with the aim of continuing the family tradition, maintaining very high quality standards, and supplying coffee blends with an unmatched flavor.
For 4 generations, combining tradition and craftsmanship, Kenon has been producing excellent quality coffee through a careful and meticulous selection of raw materials from around the world.. At all stages of processing, from roasting to packaging, the coffee is subjected to a strict quality control.
Espresso Caffè Kenon - CREMA BAR - 70% Arabica - 2.2 lbs Whole Beans

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