Product Description

Believe it or not, Italians eat cookies for breakfast! These light and crispy Zuppalatte biscuits from Colussi are a fantastic way to start your day. These biscuits are phenomenal when crushed up with ice cream or with fruits and yogurt. Zuppalatte cookies made with no palm oil are the ultimate companion to your hot coffee, iced cold milk, or tea. This pack of Italian biscuits makes for a convenient addition to your pantry for satisfying your craving and grabbing a quick midnight snack.

Colussi began its journey in 1911 when its founder Angelo Colussi opened his first bakery in Venice, where he started to specialize in producing Baicoli, the famous Venetian traditional biscuits. Today, Colussi Group includes some beloved Italian brands like Misura, Agnesi, Sapori, Flora, Giovanni Parenti, and Vialetto, selected for their excellence, offering a wide variety of Italian foods from pasta, chocolate, rice, and biscuits to cereals and beverages. With a sustainable and customer-oriented approach, Colussi continues to supply the 75 countries in the world with 14 categories of authentic Italian food.

Facts: 17.6 oz. 500g. Product of Italy.
Ingredients: Wheat flour, sugar, sunflower seed oil 7.5%, powdered skim milk, powdered milk whey, glucose syrup, dextrose, leavening agents: ammonium carbonate, sodium carbonate, emulsifier: soy lecithin, salt, flavourings. May contain eggs.
Colussi - Zuppalatte (250g)

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