About the product
  • Cherry tomatoes
  • 14 oz cans.
  • Imported from Italy
  • Naturally sun-ripened, delicate, sweet
  • Quick but delicious for pasta dinner

Cherry Tomatoes are naturally sun-ripened, delicate, sweet, meaty and full of flavor! But be aware ...besides the expected ingredients, cherry tomatoes and juice. A staple of the Mediterranean diet, grown and hand picked in hot and sunny summers, from the area around Naples which is renowned for their succulent tomatoes, each tiny round fruit of the cherry tomato is an individual masterpiece. Cherry tomatoes are essential for all types of home-cooked Italian sauces, but also lend themselves beautifully for preparing decorations and skewers. Rich in vitamin C, A and B, the cherry tomato also contains potassium, phosphor and calcium, improving blood circulation and pressure! These are some of THE BEST canned tomatoes you will find! 

Rega - Cherry Tomatoes (14oz can)

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